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Originally Posted by MJC View Post

What modifications did you guys do to the exhaust on the Verde Ithaca car you built recently?

I would like around 500rwhp in this ride if possible. Would be easier to achieve with a supercharger I'm sure. A friend of mine works for Roush and can get me a great deal.

Ive seen some of the all motor coyote cars vintage has built and i keep wondering what a high winding n/a coyote feels like vs the blower cars...

Does anyone elses t56 feel real notchy, or is it just the big long sticked shifter? My t56 in my ws6 is smoother than this by a long shot.
Any updates on adding a blower vs heads/cams after a year of ownership? I'm in the process of purchasing a Backdraft with a Coyote and can see myself getting bored quickly with the power, coming from several 700 & 800 RWHP cars.
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