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Snake2998 02-12-2021 12:24 AM

Bad news for replicas?
This from our local Cobra Whats App group made my blood boil:


Jaguar Land Rover's insanity causing irrepairable to its own image and a slap in the face to its biggest supporters around the world

Jaguar Land Rover recently sued a lifelong Jaguar enthusiast, Karl Magnusson (age 68), for copyright infringement after building a C-type replica in his home garage in Gothenburg Sweden, despite decades of global public approval of the replica industry from Jaguar themselves. Jaguar won. Unless Overturned, the ruling is expected to set a global precedent for car manufacturers, opening up copyright proceedings for other car models across the global car industry.

Swedish pensioner and honorary member of the Swedish Jaguar Club, Karl Magnusson was invited by senior management to the Jaguar Land Rover Classic UK HQ in 2016 to give a
presentation about his C-type project. “Our C-type replica was going to be the cherry on top of our small private collection of restored Jags,” says Magnusson. That collection has had to
be sold to fund lawyer costs.

Despite two years of correspondence regarding future project collaboration, meetings and nothing but praise from Jaguar Classic management, Mr. and Mrs. Magnusson were sued in
2018 by Jaguar Land Rover for copyright infringement. A staggeringly uneven battle began between a global corporation and retired pensioners, who have had to put everything on the

“We feel so betrayed. They had every opportunity to warn me if I was doing something wrong.” says Karl Magnusson.

After a surprising verdict by the Stockholm District Court in December, Karl and Ann-Christine were found guilty of copyright infringement and their privately-built C-type replica deemed illegal and subject to destruction - a project inspired by passion that took nine years of research and labour to complete.
In addition, the Magnussons are required to pay Jaguar Land Rover’s legal costs of £450,000.

Furthermore, JLR can also claim damages.

“We don’t understand why a multi-billion dollar company needs to destroy the lives of two grandparents. And this is just one of at least 1,500 replica C-types built globally in the past 45 years.

The consequence of the verdict is that all owners of C-type replicas now risk being forced to destroy their cars when JLR comes after them,” said Ann-Christine.

As for the replica industry, this verdict giving a 70-year-old car shape copyright protection is likely to have far-reaching consequences - in essence, making all C-type replicas unlawful to display, sell or use on public roads or in other public circumstances, under threat of penalties and/or destruction.
While this is a verdict by a Swedish court, because of EU directives the judgement will be invoked in other EU countries, potentially threatening the entire European replica industry.
Under the current understanding of relevant agreements, this can be invoked in the UK even after Brexit.

Due to this verdict, other car makers can use this precedent and claim copyright of their historic models, threatening 10s of 1,000s of Ferrari, Ford GT40, Porsche, AC Cobra, Aston Martin and other replicas.

“We don’t understand where this has come from considering Jaguar's history of supporting the replica industry,” states Karl Magnusson.

“We feel it’s so hypocritical of Jaguar to sue us when their own senior management privately build, commission, race and own C-type replicas themselves.”

Over the years Jaguar have supported the replica industry in various ways. No less than three
Jaguar CEOs have supplied close to 2,000 drawings to replica builders as well as given
awards to replica builders. Three Jaguar senior managers and one Director, previous and
present, have privately built and raced C-type replicas themselves.

“The Engineering Manager at JLR Classic, who met with us, was used as a witness against us in court, all the while keeping his own C-type replica in his garage.”

Since 2015, 25 historic Jaguar Land Rover Classic Challenge races have been held, and 5 more are planned this year, publicly inviting replicas.

On YouTube official Jaguar Land Rover marketing films feature proud displays of replicas.

You can even pay to take the Jaguar Land Rover “Classic Drive” experience, which includes driving C-type and D-type replicas. None of them built by JLR.

JLR Classic Works are currently launching their own “continuation” replica E-types and C-types with the help of replica producers in the UK, who are the ones with the skill and
knowledge to produce the parts. In other words, at the same time as JLR are calling replicas illegal and pursuing this in the courts, they financially support and cooperate with replica producers.

And it does not stop here: just google “JLR Replica” and the first hit takes you to an official Jaguar Land Rover dealership, selling US kit-car C-type replicas on their website.

Despite the initial setback, the Magnussons remain determined to continue the fight and proceed with an appeal. “Anyone who has been involved with classic cars would understand the absurdity of all Jaguar replicas suddenly becoming illegal. The court ruling is highly questionable to say the least, and we have a very strong appeal,” says Karl Magnusson.

The appeal process will put a further extreme financial strain on the retired couple and their family. “We are going to have to sell our house and all of our belongings if we lose an appeal. Jaguar would essentially make us homeless.”

The Magnussons have now resorted to crowdfunding to raise the needed funds, hoping for the engagement of the replica community to support them through the appeal process.

Unless the ruling is overturned in the Court of Appeal, it will not only open the door for Jaguar Land Rover to continue to sue and crush small replica builders and passionate Jaguar enthusiasts but sets a precedent for all other car manufacturers, threatening replica builders and owners on a global scale.

Enthusiasts worldwide are encouraged to share this on social media and to donate any amount, however small. At the Go-Fund Me page

For more information and direct quotes, please contact Elizabeth Magnusson, daughter of Karl and Ann-Christine Magnusson and Official Spokesperson.
Phone: +46 734-136047

joyridin' 02-12-2021 04:41 AM

SMH...they probably do not even have the money to appeal the ruling. I would have thought if you brought the CEO to testify and ask him if he has a replica in his garage, that would have pretty much summed up the case. Add to that Jaguar supplied prints should have set a precedence right there.

patrickt 02-12-2021 04:47 AM


Originally Posted by Snake2998 (Post 1489009)
the ruling is expected to set a global precedent...

There is no such thing as a global precedent. And Sweden has more bizarre laws in it than a dog has fleas. And no, Ellie does not have fleas.:cool:

undy 02-12-2021 05:02 AM


Originally Posted by patrickt (Post 1489012)
There is no such thing as a global precedent. And Sweden has more bizarre laws in it than a dog has fleas. And no, Ellie does not have fleas.:cool:

Only because she's "stored" in the plastic bag with your Cobra....:LOL:

cycleguy55 02-12-2021 07:31 AM

Subject to appeal, this may apply to Jaguar replicas in Sweden, but doesn't apply to Cobra replicas in North America. Carroll Shelby tried to do what JLR apparently has been successful in doing in Sweden, and the courts shut him down. That ship has sailed, whether aluminum or fiberglass.

Chicagowil 02-12-2021 02:52 PM

It is, as I understand, a position formed by Tata Motors in India. Had been thinking about purchasing a Land Rover Defender to replace my aging Toyota FJ Cruiser. Guess they just helped me make a decision as what not to purchase!

It was bad enough that Jag had left all "heritage" styling behind years ago with all of their newer designs. As having had two Jags previously, I was and have continued to be let down by the newer designs.


Tom Kirkham 02-12-2021 05:37 PM

Ferrari lost their trademark.

twobjshelbys 02-12-2021 05:48 PM

Of course they have the right to protect their trade dress. Shelby lost because he hadn't enforced his. Seems like Ferrari did too. Jaguar got a favorable ruling in one jurisdiction but will it be EU-wide?

cycleguy55 02-13-2021 03:19 PM


Originally Posted by Tom Kirkham (Post 1489036)
Ferrari lost their trademark.

Do you think Carroll Shelby is still shouting "Ferrari's A$$ Is Mine!" from the grave?

justcobra 10-15-2021 08:55 PM

Very interesting. Why did Carrol Shelby/Bruce Manx and others lose their cases? Honda left their patents to lapse and Atomic Motor cycles copied allegedly their motorcycles without prosecution.Patent Lawyers who got replica cars should chime in and assist the Swedish enthusiasts beside crowd funding which is encouraged.

rodneym 10-15-2021 09:50 PM


Originally Posted by patrickt (Post 1489012)
There is no such thing as a global precedent. And Sweden has more bizarre laws in it than a dog has fleas. And no, Ellie does not have fleas.:cool:

but is Ellie a bizarre Swede?

Bruce.huling 10-16-2021 05:28 AM

I don’t understand the case basis. There has to be damage. Was magnussen selling in some way a product associated with the copyrighted material?

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