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Ad Guy 02-23-2022 04:49 PM

Jag Suspension - Replacement Shocks & Coils
... seems my current 4 Spax are leaking and need to be replaced.

Whilst I'm at it, stronger coils also required.

Any advice on where I can source replacements? Or have Spax serviced?

It seems to be too hard of a job for some of the local suspension "experts" - much better at 4x4 lift kits :rolleyes:.

patrickt 02-23-2022 06:45 PM

Now, they're over in NSW, but they say that for all your SPAX shock, spring and coilover requirements including maintenance, spare parts and servicing contact Suspension Concepts if you live in the land of Oz.

Camber Kits & More | Suspension Concepts | Product & Chassis Tuning Specialist - HOME

blackprince 02-24-2022 05:26 AM

G'DAY . I replaced my Koni shocks with Bilsteins. Excellent shocks

joyridin' 02-24-2022 05:58 AM

I am pretty sure I have Aldan on the Jag rear in my car. No problems after 14 years and thousands of miles.

Tom Wells 02-24-2022 09:54 AM


I use Aldan coilovers on my Jag rear in an Everett Morrison. After 42K miles I'm on my third set (which is actually the second rebuild of the first set.)

That said they're not really the first set - those were too short and were replaced when nearly new. The too-short shocks made driving on a track interesting - in a high speed turn the inside wheel would pick up off the ground and cause the rear of the car to skip sideways. An inch longer made them just right.

Here's another point: it will depend on the wishbone length as to what's the correct shock length. Stock Jag wishbones have three lengths: XKE is the shortest, 3.4S/3.8S (and maybe 420G?) are the medium length and XJ6/XJS are the longest.

As the wishbone length varies, so might the location of the lower shock mount. If that dimension changes, the correct shock length may vary too. Changing the location of the upper mounts can also change shock length.

So take into account those factors for your car and determine the correct shock length by moving the wishbone through its normal travel and you'll get it right. There are many instructional links on the internet such as this one:

Once you have the length and stroke, you will be able to order the correct shocks from nearly any vendor.

Spring stiffness can be measured. You can decide at that point whether to go up 10%, 20% or whatever to try to get your desired rate.

Hope this makes some sense!


kyleb 02-24-2022 09:48 PM

What lb coils do you have at the moment?
From memory mine has 200lb springs which would then be 400lb per side.

stephen low 02-26-2022 04:50 PM


I'm very happy with the Koni's I had installed through a young fella in Lilydale as a Koni authorised fitter I believe.

I did go the single rear shock set up on the Jag arms and had a second bit at rear shocks going firmer the second time but pleased with the set up's road manners.

Think the fitter had also had exposure and links back then to the Robnell team to garner advice.

Not cheap for any of these higher end parts but you pay for what you get.

Just a thought.


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