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kdc438 11-20-2020 07:51 PM

new cobra coming
In 1964 I received an Aurora Thunderjet HO slot car track from "Santa." One of the cars that came with the track was Shelby Cobra. I was eight years old and I was hooked. I began journey going from one muscle car to the next, added in a few sports cars and even a 2012 GT350 from Shelby American. But, I still wanted a Cobra. Real ones are out of reach and I have to be able to drive it and enjoy it. Kids are raised, just time for me and my wife. I looked around for many years. Finally ordered a Backdraft. I wanted a mix of classic and performance. Love the way Backdraft has taken a great car and improved (IMHO) it. It's due to arrive in this country end of December then up to Jay and Brian at Revelocity/Vintage and have them complete my build. Should see it sometime spring 2021.

I'm going with more of the traditional roadster look, black no stripes, Black diamond interior/red stitching, exhaust out the back, but I still want to be able to play so going with 335 rear tires and a VMS 427 with 8 stack injection.

It may not be a "real cobra" but i've been dreaming of this for over 55 years and it will be MY cobra.


bobcowan 11-20-2020 08:11 PM

And that's exactly what a "real" cobra should be - yours. :)

EM-0785 11-20-2020 08:21 PM


Congratulations on your decision and your patience and resilience toward your passion! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more, please post.

Your custom knife site is very intersting as well. One of the designs brought back memories of my 'vintage' era Kershaw deer hunter knife.


xb-60 11-21-2020 02:42 AM

Welcome Kevin. That's going to be a long six weeks until end of Dec. when the Cobra finally comes. A good Christmas present!
Interesting, it started with the Cobra in the Aurora Thunderjet HO slot car track from "Santa." My facination with Cobras (and GT40s) started in the same way, with a Scalextric slot car set, co-incidentally the same Christmas if I remember correctly. That's the green FIA in my avatar. Some of us have to wait a long time for that dream to come true. Enjoy!


Alfa02 11-21-2020 03:03 AM

Welcome to the Madness Kevin, as I read your intro. It also begin with me at 8yo, with a ride with the (One & Only) Mr. Ken Miles @ Pacific Raceway in a 289 FIA Cobra @ SPEED. I was allowed over the weekend to (HELP) the crews get the 3-Cobras by team manager Al Dowd ready to race. He gave me a polishing rag, and said get to work kid :) Took me to a few years to get my first Cobra (60yo) but has been WELL worth the wait. As many of us will tell you (Dance slow) with her at first, you've never owned anything with the handling & Power of a one of our Cobras, Be safe & enjoy the ride ;) Cheers TommyRot.

KDubU 11-21-2020 05:16 AM


Originally Posted by bobcowan (Post 1485536)
And that's exactly what a "real" cobra should be - yours. :)


Sounds like you will have a beauty to enjoy! BDRís are nice replicas.

MKS427 11-21-2020 06:24 AM

It may not be real, but it makes it that much easier to take it out and enjoy it. Besides that, most people on the street won't even know.

SBSerpent 11-21-2020 07:27 PM

Great story Kevin and welcome to the 'Club'. You chose a great car and an even better builder. I see that you're in CT so at least for you, the car will be built in the same state. That will be a fun road trip.
My BDR #983 was built by Vintage. I'm the second owner and took possession of the Cobra this past May. I, like you, had always looked at the Cobra as my dream car. Finally, at 58 years of age, I had the means to purchase one and have never looked back. The car is such a joy to drive and gets so much attention. Have fun and congratulations on your new 'baby'.

olddog 11-21-2020 08:11 PM

Safety! Safety! Safety!

Take some time driving and sorting out the car. Stay off the main routes and take it slow for a while. A loose bolt in the wrong spot is very bad at highway speeds. Put it up on ramps or a hoist and inspect every last nut several times.

These cars require respect and responsibility. Anything less can result in Death or worse!

Find some autocross events. That is the best place to learn to drive these cars. No matter how good you think you are or in fact how good you are, these very light, short wheel base, high Hp cars are different than most anything else the average guy has ever driven.

Welcome. Be Safe. Best of luck. I hope it is everything you ever wanted in a car.

kdc438 11-22-2020 04:12 PM

Hi all,
Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm only about 40 minutes away from Revelocity/Vintage so I will try and get some pictures to post once it arrives and the build begins.

I have been intouch with Jay and we have already decided to install the new Tremec transmission instead of the 600.

I figure it will be springtime before it is done, which is ok, it will be springtime before the snow is gone. I want to slowly learn to drive this car and from what you all have told me, that does not mean learning on cold tires and snow/ice!

I'll post more as it develops.


Ahshoe 11-22-2020 04:20 PM

Congrats on your purchase. Welcome to the Club! I too will have mine finished here by April. It will be my birthday present to myself.

IMLost 11-22-2020 08:04 PM

If Brian is building your car it will be RIGHT and road ready.

JoelMcComas 11-23-2020 10:37 AM

Congrats, I hope you enjoy backdraft as much as I have. I've put 7k miles on mine in 7mos since I bought it new from Naples Motor Sports. Great cars, hope you're able to drive the tires of that hot new ride!!!

BDR0572 11-24-2020 03:38 PM

Congrads, Mine too came from Vintage and I could not be happier . Absolute Joy to drive , get ready for the 40min gas stops because everybody wants to talk about your ride .

Cashburn 11-25-2020 08:16 AM

Brian will build it, but Dave will have the pleasure of mocking up the undercar exhaust :D

FredG 11-25-2020 09:09 AM

Congratulations and welcome Kevin. You are getting your car done at the best place. They are very knowledgeable and very helpful. Enjoy.


Thunderbird123 11-27-2020 07:43 PM

I'm having my new Cobra set up by Jay and Brian at Vintage Motor Sports too! From what I've researched they are the best of the best!

Hotoxide 11-27-2020 08:56 PM

we're waiting too
Welcome to CC and congratulations on purchase. I have a Superformance being fitted out by Curtis Brown of Crown in Tucson AZ. The custom interior is taking time but should be done in the next few weeks.
You've got some nice roads in CT. I remember the drive from NY to Lime Rock to watch the sports car races. Other rides have found covered bridges and other novelties.

Dave -- trying to be patient

jeffgrice 11-28-2020 05:12 AM

Congrats on your new Backdraft!


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