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169mph 04-17-2022 05:24 PM

First Drive(s) after reinstalling rear differential
I took my car out for the first time after reinstalling my rear differential due to the sheared front differential bolt. I upgraded the front and rear differential bushings, replaced the diff cover (self inflicted), and cleaned up / polished the Diff output spacers (they rubbed the subframe when the bolt sheared). Replaced all bolts and washers that I removed. I'm happy to report that I only had one extra self tapping screw left over after reinstalling everything. which is very good for me.

The first drive was only in my neighborhood. Just wanted to make sure there were no leaks, abnormal grinding, brakes were working, etc...). Afterwards I checked / retorqued all bolts. The next day i took her for a 20 minute ride. Normal driving, no dropping the clutch or taking her to redline. I had no issues. Today, I drove her like she was designed for (in my opinion). She drove amazing. The only difference I noticed was when taking off in first gear. There is no shaking, I didn't have to ride the clutch. I think / I know I drove the car at least two times after the bolt sheared (not knowing at the time). It was very difficult to take off from a dead stop with bolt sheared. I'm amazed I was able to drive her with the bolt sheared without damaging the differential and or CV joints.

I really appreciate all the help!! Saved a lot of money and I learned a lot during the process. KNOCK, KNOCK ON WOOD

Thanks again, Mike

spdbrake 04-17-2022 05:47 PM

Glad your fixed. Thank you for sharing the repairs and results as we all learn from these events.

Mike_Gr 04-18-2022 09:47 AM

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I did this upgrade a few years back. Broke the same bolt when I went from the goodyear tires that came on the car to Nitto NT05r then Nitto NT01. Defiantly keep an eye on things. I next broke a mounting ear off the rear diff cover. Replaced that with a new OEM cover from BMW. Then sheered three teeth of the ring gear. I ended up doing the e36 Rallyroad bulletproof diff conversion which replaces the e36 diff with an e32 or e34 from a 7 series or a M5 respectively. It increases case size, goes from 180 to 210mm ring gear, adds in a second mounting point in the front (4 bolts total), uses a bittet rear mounting plate instead of the integrated rear arm mounting tabs. Have not had a single issue since. This kit does require welding and then milling rear output shaft spacers to be thinner as the diff is wider than an e36. Vintage Motorsports did this upgrade for me.

blairlau 05-08-2022 07:11 PM


PDUB 05-10-2022 08:05 PM

Congrats on the successful repair, Mike! It provides a great sense of satisfaction.

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