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cs69er 06-11-2002 05:16 PM

Shock Question
A question for all of you. I just purchased a disassembled 92 classic and like many of these project cars, it's missing bits and pieces- like alot! I'm starting up from and getting the suspension working. This car has the Heidt tubular A-arm assemblies and no shocks. What kind of shocks do people recommend for a big block engined car. Coil-overs will fit the bottom of the assembly with no problem but the top shock towers on the frame concerns me with the fit. Recommendations and Ideas? Thanks guys. Chuck

Jack21 06-11-2002 06:16 PM

Couple of options here. Your Heidts upper "D" arms will work if they're "D", and not "A" arms to clear CR spring housing.

Heidts lowers put the shock too high. Talk to Darryl of RCC specialty products at He knows the idiocyncracies of CR front suspension setups. Their lowers come in two flavors, strut rod, and strutless. If I had it to do over, I'd go strutless. They also have a coil-over setup using Carrera shocks & springs. They were a little stiff at first, but after a few thousand miles, seemed to soften up.

Tom Beroth of Bethania Garage makes an upper control arm bracket designed to hold the mount with shims. Expect my set this week. Let you know how I like them.You must do something with this or you can't keep the front end aligned. The bolts slip. RCC makes this also, but looked a little too flimsy for me.

If you're thinking about power steering, I installed it in mine. Can give you setup and sources if interested. Do not follow CR shopping guide recommendations.

In fact, before you spend a dime on parts, check here first. Been there, done that, now it's in the dumpster because something else works much better.

RAZOR 06-11-2002 07:16 PM

Jack21, you amaze me with your knowledge of these cars! We need to include your name with DV and Don Scott. We are fortunate to have you guys, appreciate your input. Rex

dscott 06-12-2002 07:03 AM

Chuck, I use the Carrera coilovers on the front. With the big block you should use a 500# spring. Since the upper mount is different from the Mustang II the shocks need to be a little longer. As Jack mentioned some of the upper arms will not stay tight. This is usually a problem with the cross bar. Some of them have knurling to hold them in place and some don't. I've never had a problem with the knurled ones. If the cross bar is aluminum they will need the kit that Jack mentioned. You can give me a call and I can tell you how much the coilovers will cost.
Don 1-888-722-6272

cs69er 06-12-2002 07:35 AM

i really appreciate all the ideas. this forum is such a great tool for a builder who is trying to sort out another person's mistakes. don, i'l give you a call today. chuck

Jack21 06-12-2002 06:07 PM

Don't mind chiming in when some advice, or experience shared might help another builder avoid mistakes or waste money on parts that don't work. Don't think it would be a good idea to put my name on the billboard though.

On the plus side, have about 40 years car crafting experience. Although also an engineer, nothing I do professionally involves anything automotive. Please keep in mind when considering your own options that Don and DV do this professionally, and have built hundreds of these cars. I've built one Cobra.

cs69er 06-12-2002 08:25 PM

Thanks Jack. I do appreciate all the ideas on this forum. When I bought this unfinished project, I knew it would be a challenge and sometimes a test of both my intelligence and sanity. All advice and suggestions are welcomed to help this guy avoid mistakes and make one damm fine car when I'm done. Chuck

Jfred500 10-15-2021 11:31 AM

Jack21 - As mentioned previously, you seem to have tremendous knowledge of front suspensions and I need to ask you a question. A couple of years ago, I bought a Backdraft Cobra born in 2007 with a 351W engine with less than 10k miles. The front suspension is a coil-over adjustable strut system but it is a very stiff front ride. The struts appear to be good - no leaks - and the front springs are ten-coil springs. I assume the previous owner had it set up for racing, which is the reason for the stiff ride, but I want to drive and enjoy the comfort of the ride. Any recommendations on how to soften up the front end suspension? I know Eibach offers 225 and 250 lb seven-coil springs but don’t know if this will necessarily accomplish the desired feel. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Fred (

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