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Dirty Harry 06-27-2010 01:11 PM

LCS Retrospective
Good show, OCC! Thank you for being the great hosts you always are. The old #80 Cobra-esque strugglebuggy made it home without a hiccup. Thanks to Shell Valley for making a durable car. (10th London Cobra show event) The wife and I are burned to a crisp.

I've gotten tired of getting rained on while driving over or back, so this year I invested in a full rainsuit. IT WORKED! We barely got rained on at all. At one point it looked like we were going to drive into a real toad-strangler, but it broke up and let us be with just a couple drops.

We took the Mohican tour and liked it a lot. I got a noise in the transmission tunnel that sounded terminal, but closer inspection revealed that a Wal-Mart shopping bag had blown under the car and was wrapped up in the rear U-joint. We met some really great new people and spent some good time with friends from previous years. Great refreshments and conversation at QSL. At London, I enjoyed just lying back in my canvas chair, just listining to the roar of the burnouts. Thank God for internal combustion. I tied for last place in the drawing for the raffle car again this year. The Holiday Inn was nice, and the pancakes were as aerodynamic as before. Took the long way home, adding about 100 miles to our trip, but leading us through scenic small towns and no interstate highway driving.

This is my summer vacation every year, and thanks to OCC, it was as enjoyable as ever. Congratulations to the lady that won the car, and I hope OCC can write a big check to CF.

See you all next year.

Dwight 06-27-2010 06:55 PM

I'm to tired to make a long post tonight

BUT I had a great time.

Thanks to all the people who make this week the best week of the year for me.

One of the young ladies I took for a blast down Main St told me the Cobra Show was the start of summer for everyone in London. It was the highlight of the year. It made the year.

Later in the day I was talking to two guys who thanked me for bringing my Cobra to the show. They said it was the greatest thing to happen in London all year long. He said no one came to look at strawberries, they came to see the Cobras. This day made the whole year for them.

I think we all win. A great event in a great town with great people.

This was my 10 th year to attend. I love it this time as much as the first time.

Thanks to all the people who makes this a great week for me. OCC, all the people in the town of London, Mid Ohio race track, the vendors, the sponsors, the Church across from the hotels that lets us use their property and all the people who bring their Cobras. I love talking to everyone. Every year I meet new people. The cars are nice, the people are great.
Oh yea the Canadians

glad ya'll drove down.

What about this beatiful "spring" weather we had this week in Ohio, Who do we thank for that? And we did not get wet driving home this year. Big plus.
When we got home today the heat index was 96.

Everyone in our group commented on how great this Show was and how much they enjoyed it. We came up a day early for the Mid Ohio track thing. Not to drive but just to watch. It gave us more time to visit and meet more Cobra people.

Got to go and get ready for work. I hate work!

Thanks to everyone

and those that could not attend this year, you missed a big time.


IndyCobra 06-28-2010 04:01 AM

My wife and I drove over in the truck Saturday to enjoy the display in London. This was my first cobra show of any kind. We had a great time, saw a lot of great cars and collected up some good ideas for my build. We even managed to find some strawberries, :LOL: but we had to look hard for them.

The weather was superb and everyone in London was very friendly. Thank you OCC for putting on a great show. The power cruise into town at 9 AM was something to behold.

Oh, and I saw my first Kirkham there in all it's brushed aluminum glory. I'm glad I'm building a fiberglass car because if I owned a Kirkham, I wouldn't take it out of the garage. What a masterpiece in bodymaking.

JKleiner 06-28-2010 06:26 AM

I want to send a huge THANK YOU to the OCC. Once again they presented a fantastic event. Plenty of old friendships renewed and new ones forged. All of the good Karma from the charitable side of the event must please the weather gods because once again we were blessed with sunny skies during the daylight hours (well, I did have a few miles of rain close to home but I think it was just a rogue cloud looking for Dirty Harry).
Can't wait to do it all again next year!


COACH MIKE 06-28-2010 09:20 AM

Another thank you from one of us Bama guys. We had six of us attend again this year and all of us enjoyed it as much as the past. Great event!!! Thanks to Nick, Bill and all the LCS crew who put on the show. Class bunch of people.

Hopefully more new comers will read of our escapades and come see what it's all about in the years to come. Keep up the great show.
Coach Mike

Flyin_Freddie 06-29-2010 02:34 PM

Daaaa-yum...sorry I didn't make it this year. Maybe next time...

Does anyone know if anyone stayed in the newer hotels...down past Cracker Barrel...further down Trabue Road? I just had it with all the hotels on the west end...Super 8 and America's Best Value are run by idiots...overpriced filthy flophouses that only want to gouge you for as much as they can while offering nothing much better than a pup tent. Yogi charged me $350 for cancelled hotel rooms the last time I stayed at the Super 8...even though I had proof I cancelled them before their advertised cancellation time....and the most excellent Customer Services at American Express did nothing to help me recover my money...even though I furnished them with irrefutable proof. (Can anyone else sense my hostility?) Next time I'm there I'm going to throw five or six Baby Ruth's in their pool and then call the Health Department and the newspaper!

The only one worth a damn is the Hampton...and two of our crew got their tow vehicles broken into while parked behind the bulding a couple of years ago.

Mark IV 06-29-2010 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by Flyin_Freddie (Post 1061705)
Next time I'm there I'm going to throw five or six Baby Ruth's in their pool and then call the Health Department and the newspaper!

DOODY!!!!! Go Caddyshack!!**)

shark 06-29-2010 06:28 PM

Freddie -- missed your grey goose and swepps this year but the cold beer went down quite well. I stayed at the brand spankin new Holiday Inn - that is right next door to the Cracker Barrel. It was very nice and well run ($79.00 per night). I even asked Cracker barrel if it was okay to park in their lot with the trailer -- no worries. And unlike last time I was there - my truck was not broken into.

Regards, Mike Sharkey

JWilly 06-29-2010 06:50 PM

The hotel situation appears to be much better than it used to be. The new Holiday Inn is very nice and there also appears to be a new La Quita as well. The LCS seems to have been very successful this year even though the number of cobras was not huge. I believe a record number of "rides" were given and the number of vendors was up. The weather cooperated and every thing just worked. Good show...can't wait til next year.

Dirty Harry 06-29-2010 06:53 PM

My wife and I stayed at the new Holiday Inn as well. It was nice to walk next door to Cracker Barrel Thursday night for a relaxing dinner. We've been pretty disappointed with the Super 8 in the past, but the Hampton rooms get booked early. This is much better. We had a nicely appointed room with a great view of the cars. It was quiet and clean and cheap-$85. The other hotel that was going up between the Holiday Inn and the Hampton has stalled out and sits derelicted and half-finished. Was that going to be a Fairfield?

JKleiner 06-29-2010 06:55 PM

Two words---Holiday Inn Express. OK make that 3 words. Hampton was sold out early as usual. Super 8 seems to be cleaned up a bit, but is still #3 out of 4 choices. Yogi must have cashed in and headed back to the mother country; no sign of him or any of his relatives ;). The old Cross Country/ America's Best/ whatever they are calling it now appears to be on life support. There couldn't have been a dozen cars there all weekend with no more than 3 or 4 of them being LCS people. No change in status on the other new hotel. It is still only about 50% completed and overgrown. Looks like the developer went t!ts up. Maybe someone will step in to finish it up by next year.


PSB 06-29-2010 07:35 PM

My wife and I both had a great time. Met lots of people, enjoyed the cars, and best of all, my wife went from tolerating the Cobra to loving it. We were minorly involved in the planning, but plan to be much more active next year.

Freddie - We stayed at the new Holiday Inn - very nice rooms, good service, and they gave us a meeting room to run registration out of at no charge.


Godzila 07-01-2010 07:59 AM

Freddie you did the same rant last year, just bring your gun with you next year and take care of business...LOL

We missed you, and hope to see you back next year, BTW, the OCC boys did hire security and as far as I know, no one had any issues, although the rain later Saturday nite put a damper on the watermelon crawl

Flyin_Freddie 07-01-2010 08:41 AM

Missed you guys, too..
Kumpie...I missed your sorry ass, fact, I found myself thinking of all you yay-hoos raising hell while I was up here in Mempho... made me miss the whole lot of you ne're-do-wells even more. There's no denying I like to party with you all... :JEKYLHYDE

I'm glad the HI Express worked out so well...maybe I can make it next year.

Problem is...there's just not much time between Dennis O's VIR Track event and LCS. Plus...if I'm comin' to LCS, I simply CANNOT miss the Mid-Ohio event. I don't like to cut myself that short in prep-time for a track event...and there's just not much time between VIR and Mid-Ohio...especially when your chief mechanic, shop crew, pit crew, crew chief, transport driver, race car driver and sponsor all wear the same pair of pants! Add to that two ten-year-old twins, my advancing age, the 95+ degree, 85% relative humidity days...and well, see where I am, I'm sure.

Maybe I need to recruit Will and Drew to be my pit crew next year...hmmmmmm, that may be a possibility.... :p

When's LCS next year...? ;)

Godzila 07-01-2010 09:14 AM

Its normally the third weekend in June, Look for better things at the Mid Ohio event next year, I'm gonna have some serious discussion with them about getting open lapping and get rid of the corner drills for experienced folks, so put it on your calendar
More later, and plan on bringing the boys, I got some yellow shirts that'll fit them just fine, and we can use the help
Say Hi to all down there

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