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Igofastr 11-20-2020 04:19 PM

Nor Cal Cobra Club Toy Run; should we?

I've been struggling with this, otherwise I would have posted earlier.

Maybe it'll be a moot point, but I thought I'd ask. Should I even approach Sutter Medical Center about our annual toy run this year. I'm sure they wouldn't be comfortable bringing the kids out, which is understandable, but I also don't want our members/friends to feel in any way pressured to participate.

I'm pretty sure breakfast would be a no-go, so we'd likely have to just meet at the hospital (if they'd have us), drop off our gifts, and mill about 6 feet apart with masks on. I'm OK with that, but I don't know about everyone else. Of course, we have options, including doing it next spring (assuming things have calmed down), or? I'm open to suggestions.

Hope everyone is well. Look forward to hearing from ya all.


Igofastr 11-20-2020 04:22 PM

Among possible options includes informally jumping in with Eurosunday's visit to the Shriner's hospital. As I understand, they're essentially doing a drive-by with limited to no parking. We could certainly meet up someplace beforehand, chat a bit and arrive as a group.

Just an option.

murrays cobra 11-20-2020 08:17 PM

Either option
If the hospital is OK with your plan, we'll participate, rain or shine, with or without the Cobra. It is all about the kids. Murray

SN8K IS 11-24-2020 05:40 AM

We are up for either or both. It’s about the kids, and if the hospital will accept the gifts then I say let’s do it. If they’re concerned about infection being transmitted through receipt of the toys and the kids can’t come down to see the cars, then it might make sense to defer the run until Spring and see if we can join in the Shriner’s show. The bottom line, however, is that I’ve seen the little bit of joy these gatherings can bring to kids whose lives are at a low point, and given the nightmare that has been 2020, I believe it is pretty much our duty to do whatever we can to safely provide those brief moments of joy to sick kids, even if it’s a bit inconvenient for us.

patf11 11-25-2020 09:59 AM

A very worthy cause indeed.

Unfortunately Lisa and I will not be able to attend, will miss everyone,


twobjshelbys 11-25-2020 11:29 AM

In all seriousness are you serious? The peoples republik of kalifornia would not let you if they knew

Igofastr 12-01-2020 11:47 AM

Well Guy/Gals,

The year 2020 once again has forced some changes. Due to the obvious COVID concerns, we will not be visiting SMCS for our annual Toy Drive. With some luck, we may be able to pull off an alternate gathering next spring/summer, but we'll have to play that one by ear. For those who can and want to donate, it is possible to arrange a drop-off, or even have Amazon directly deliver gifts to the children via Child Life. I've included a wish list and contact info below. Stay safe, and stay well. Hope to see you all under more favorable circumstances in the near future.


Child Life Program

The Child Life Program at Sutter Children’s Center, Sacramento strives to minimize the anxiety and stress associated with healthcare experiences, promote optimum development and normalization for infants, children, adolescents and their families in healthcare settings. As an integral member of the health care team, Child Life staff provides opportunities for gaining a sense of mastery, play, learning, self-expression, peer interaction and maintenance of the child’s relationship with the family.
For our program to operate successfully, we have a wide range of equipment and activities that are offered to children daily. To keep up with current trends and popularity, we often need to rotate items and purchase new ones. The following is a current list of new items we wish to have, both for program supplies and for gifts to children.

We also have two public Amazon lists – Sutter Children’s Center Child Life Wish List, and NICU Child Life Wish List.

****DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS, if at all possible, we ask that you please order items and have them shipped directly to us. Please call or email with any questions, and to let us know that a donation is on its way. Thank you so much.
Amy Medovoy, Child Life Manager 916-887-0491

Mailing address:
Child Life Program
Sutter Medical Center Children’s Center
2825 Capitol Ave
Sacramento CA 95816

***Wish List***

• WubbaNub infant pacifiers with small plush
• Infant rattles (no fabric please)
• Board books
• Mamaroo4 infant seat – classic, black. At or amazon
• Voice recorders – for parents to make recordings to leave with their babies. (Olympus VN-702PC is a good one. *Battery operated*)
• Parents brand Doctor Kits for 18months+
• First Years Sounds For Silence Nursery Sound Machines or My Baby by Homedics Sound Spa - Portable (Target and online)
• Sleep Sheep on the Go, Gentle Giraffe on the Go, Twilight Turtle, Tranquil Turtle- (Cloud b)
• Crib-side Soother (Fisher Price)
• Fisher Price Aquarium (crib toy)
• Summer Infant Soothe and Vibe Portable Soother (vibrating musical baby soother, available on Amazon)
• Infant swaddling blankets
• Sounds For Silence- Sound Machine (the First Years)
• Small World Toys IQ Baby – Busy Bee Baby Buzz’R (vibrating musical baby soother, available on Amazon)
• Infant play gyms
• Infant “lovies”. Usually small in size so they can be held in small hands. Soft textures or ones with animals work great . has a great selection
Great choices for infants and toddlers in our Emergency Department:
• V-Tech Learn and Spin Aquarium
• Bright Starts Stay Cool Teethers

School Age
- Toys/Action figures/books/movies related to current characters loved by children: Toy Story, SpongeBob, Frozen, Princess and the Frog, Paw Patrol, all Princesses, Disney characters, Spiderman, superheroes, etc.
- Color Wonder packets
- Playdough
- Fisher Price Doctor Kits
- 24 and 36 piece puzzles
- Paracord bracelet kits
- Pillow Pets
- Stickers, sticker, stickers!

- Specialized art activities (beads, jewelry, etc.)
- Headphones/earbuds
- Coloring sets with gel pens or colored pencils
- 3D coloring puzzle sets
- Pajama pants
- Gift cards for teens (for birthdays & holidays) – including Starbucks and Jamba Juice
- Fleece blankets
- Nail art
- Any items teens would enjoy

General Program
- Gift cards for our program to purchase supplies as we need them throughout the year. (Target, Michaels, Visa and Amazon)
- Play Station 3 and 4 controllers
- Stickers
- Art supplies: Coloring books, construction paper, crayola markers, collage materials, glue, glitter, foam pieces, picture frames, etc.
- Washable window markers and crayons – Crayola
- Board games (Monopoly, Sorry, Candyland, Life)
- Playing cards and Uno
- Small items for prize boxes:
• Squishy balls
• Nail polish
• Magic wands
• Bubbles, etc …

*****No used toys, please*****


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