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Scott S 08-05-2001 01:24 PM

Cobra Run 2001 who is going?
I received my flyer this weekend, and I hope to make it.

It has been a very crazy summer, selling a house(anybody want a 5 bedroom home in the middle of Silverton?) buying a house,(and getting way to close to that 2 home payment hell),and buying a business.

Looks like I will be needing a break,

Scott S:CRY:

WestCoastBill 08-05-2001 02:18 PM

Hi Scott, my wife (as opposed to someone else's???) and I are currently in negotiations over this matter. Getting rid of the kids by sending them to grandmas may jepordize future kid watching privileges for situations she considers more important. Like when we go to Mexico. Anyway she suggest that I find a friend (most definitely male) that wants to go. Don't know if I'll go that route, after being together for fourteen years, I still prefer her company. I'll just play it by ear, see who else/how many/how the weather looks, and then make a decision. Bill

Kim Pallister 08-05-2001 04:50 PM

When is it? Is there an URL for details?


Scott S 08-05-2001 05:10 PM

22 years yesterday, I know, I KNOW!

Scott S

WestCoastBill 08-05-2001 06:27 PM

Scott and ???, congratulations on being blessed with a successful relationship...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! to both of you!

Kim, 8/25-8/26, at Eagle Crest Resort near Redmond, Oregon. James Boscole is heading it up I believe. ( The contact at Eagle Crest Resort is T. J. Pashewich 800 682-4786. The group is identified by #269069. Cutoff date for packages being mailed out was 7-26, but hopefully there are still rooms available. This is info I got from James earlier this year. I hope it's still accurate. Bill

Bish Wheeler 08-05-2001 07:31 PM

Cobra Run
I'm planning on going. My S.O. feels that it is a little too much for her "Cobra Enthusiasm". Her son in law Adam, will be riding with me instead. Also, Walt Tomsic is going.

Kim ,

The guy to contact is James Boscole at But you knew that.

The thing is sort of by invitation, but they seem quite welcoming, just want to know who is coming.

Bill ,

So, are you gonna go on the run?


WestCoastBill 08-23-2001 11:25 PM

This weekend is it. I'm not able to go, too many family things happening. I am surprized about the lack of interest, a large group went last year. Anyone going this year? Bill

Scott S 08-25-2001 07:02 PM

Sell my Cobra and the group has to pass through Silverton this morning. You guys sure know how to rub it in. :CRY:

I need a Daytona, I need a Daytona,

Scott S

Bish Wheeler 08-28-2001 11:41 AM

Cobra run 2001
Scott, we did think of you as we went through town, wondered why you weren't with us. Great run through the "out back" ending in Sweet Home for lunch then up and over the Mts for a very fast run into Redding. One of the best runs I have ever been on. The three cars from WA were welcomed into the Oregon group and we had a ball. The treee of us then split off the next day and took 97 up to Yakima and over Chinook pass. Have lived here all my life and I have never been over Chinook until yesterday. Out of this world scenery, then when you come around the corner at the pass, "Boom", there sits Mt. Rainier. To do it all on a hot day in the Cobra was just too much.


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