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Dale McBain 02-07-2017 01:02 PM

Run To The Sun 2017 (RTTS 2017)
Hello Cobra Buddies,

Yes there will be another “Run To The Sun 2017”! We have a block of rooms on hold for the group, so make your reservations NOW! The dates are, arriving June 23th departing on June 25th. Gloria and I will be staying an extra day and departing on the 26th, you are welcome to join us.

Breakfast will be on Friday the 24th at 10:00 AM in the Silvana, WA area, at Steve & Judy Crosten's, as it was last year. We will depart from Silvana and head over Highway 20 to Winthrop and Sun Mountain Lodge (SML). This is always a fun drive. We usually make a couple of stops at view points and comfort. Hopefully it won't rain like it did last year! Friday Evening we will meet in the Wolf Creek Bar & Grill for few adult beverages (if you are so inclined), swap lies and have dinner.

Saturday, after breakfast, we will make a run to an as yet undetermined place. In years past we have gone to the Chelan, Winery which also has great food for lunch. We have also taken picnic lunches to a winery near Omak which even had live music. The destination will be 60 to 90 minutes from the SML. If you have ideas for a run on Saturday please send them to me.

We'll back early enough so people can hit the pool or take nap. In the evening we will meet for dinner at the hotel restaurant (5 Star) in a private dining room called the Wine Cellar for dinner. By the way it is the hotel wine cellar.

We did not do a commemorative shirt last year. If you would like me to do a shirt this year, please let me know, and I will arrange for a shirts. We have not done a shirt for a couple of years, and I think it is about time to do one again. Based on past experience, cost will be between $30 and $40 each.

When you make your reservations be sure and say you are with the “NW Cobra Club”. Looking forward to seeing all of you at the “Run To The Sun 2016”!

If you wish check SML, they a have a very good website.

Dale & Gloria

PS- Gloria and I will be hauling our car north from Lake Havasu in early June. It looks like I will not be racing the 240Z up their. We just could not workout the logistics.

rmiller64 03-12-2017 12:13 PM

I'm planning on making the RTTS again this year and attending Steve and Judy's Breakfast.

I'll be staying on our property again at the bottom of the SML hill

See you all in June

Rick Miller 360-483-8444

Dale McBain 03-22-2017 09:58 AM

Rtts 2017
If you are planning on attending this years Run to the Sun, you need to make your reservations sooner rather than later. Also, we are getting ready to order commemorative shirts, so we will be needing your size information. The shirts will be white golf shirts with a vintage cobra graphic on the left front and the "snake in the circle" just below the collar on the back, at about 3 to 4 inches in diameter.

Shirt cost is $40 each. if the order quantity is high enough the cost per shirt will go down.

SPF 469

dblbarrel 03-26-2017 08:01 AM

White that will blend in with the snow nicely.

Snowbound North Cascades Highway could be closed into June | The Seattle Times

See you in June

Dale McBain 03-27-2017 10:37 AM

Rtts 2017
Rats! That means we may have to go the long way and spend more time in our Cobras.

I need to know who wants a shirt. Do not send money, we will collect at Sun Mountain. If we do no get enough orders, no shirts, since the cost will be ridiculous. So far only 4 shirts orders, that is even close to proceed need at least 12.

Bye for now,

PS- it is 77 and clear in Lake Havasu.

PSS- Pulling transmission to replace rear main seal, unfortunately the engine will need to be pulled to get the transmission removed.


JWhite 04-09-2017 12:49 AM

Thanks Dale! Josh and I are booked! Looking forward to another great run.

Dale McBain 04-09-2017 10:59 AM

RTTS 2017- Shirts
At this point in time, the total number of shirts that have been ordered is 4. At this quantity the cost per shirt will jump to about $70 or $80 per shirt. So as of now no shirts. If the situation changes I will revisit the shirt issue at a later date.

Bye for Now,


Dale McBain 06-06-2017 06:33 PM

Rtts 2017
Looks like the Hwy. 20 is open. Looked on the weather cam fro Newhalem, and the weather looks nice today.

I will be sending an email with our breakfast plans in the next couple of days.

Regarding the Saturday run, is everyone up for a 2 hr. drive each way to Coulee Dam? Need to know. If your not let me know ASAP!!


Dale McBain 06-06-2017 06:36 PM

RTTS 2017 Breakfast
Check your email for Breakfast time and direction:D.


Rotorcraft 06-10-2017 03:18 PM

I'm going to join as well - wife and daughter hauling the camp trailer over so we have a place to stay - would love to meet up for breakfast - wife and daughter heading straight over later in the day -


Dale McBain 06-13-2017 01:36 PM

Rtts 2017

Just found out that I did not have Tim McCulloch's correct email address! Let me know if you here of someone else in a similar circumstance!


Rotorcraft 06-21-2017 09:49 PM

So is everybody ready ?
Bring some sun screen!

I am really looking forward to Friday!!!


Dale McBain 06-22-2017 08:16 AM

Friday 12th Annual RTTS
This weird don't think I have ever worn sun screen on the Friday of the the run.


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