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khall 09-05-2001 01:07 PM

pre 1974 Ford 289 block
What is the availablility and price range we could expect to see for a correct year (pre '74 at least) Ford 289 block or complete engine? I am interested in building a correct year Ford small block for a 289 FIA kit. It looks like after market parts are plentiful, and in this state (CO) the engine year determines the emmission standard that has to be met. Also, has anyone written a book that describes the state of tune of the early 289 Cobras that would be a guide for engine restoration?

greenwater 09-05-2001 04:11 PM

I am not absolutly sure but I believe the 302 replaced the 289 around 1967. I have recently checked E-bay motor searching for 289s as blocks to rebuild and saw quiete a few advertised . The price was ranging from as low 150.00 to over 1500.00 depending what it was exactly: short/long/complete. I think there is actually a 289 K code 1963/64 for that would be a nice one for your FIA! Over 1000.00 bid on it yet though!

Good luck in your search.

DAVID GAGNARD 09-05-2001 06:35 PM


Just recently I was in a country junkyard looking around and found two 1965 to 67 Ford sedans with 289's. Both seemed to be original and the motors looked like they had never been apart. Owner said he would pull the motor and sell weither or both for $300.00 a piece and then started them up in the car just to show me they did not knock or smoke. Not a bad deal if you are looking for a complete 289. Trouble is I'm about 24 or so hours south of you..........

Around here that is the going rate....


computerworks 09-05-2001 07:56 PM

K-code block

Originally posted by greenwater
...I think there is actually a 289 K code 1963/64 for that would be a nice one for your FIA! Over 1000.00 bid on it yet though!

..look at the eBay item:

Slow Dawg 09-05-2001 08:24 PM

Actually, the 289 and 302 overlapped each other 1 or 2 years. I know in 1968, the 289 (last year) was rated at 195 hp. with a two barrel carb. The 302 had both 2 and 4 barrel carbs (210hp and 230hp respectively). Can't remember (loss of brain cells) if we had emission checks in '68?%/


RobMcQuarie 09-05-2001 10:52 PM

289-302 parts
Early 289/302 parts are not too hard to come up with. I know that I still have a few blocks in storage of unknown years, and there are a number of local Shelby and Mustang club guys we can lean on for a specific year if necessary. Any other stock parts are easy. Got lots of those.
289HiPo stuff is neat, but not worth the price unless needed for a restoration. There are much more cost effective alternatives if looking for HD parts.
If you need a hand, give me a call some time.
Rob McQuarie

Cal Metal 09-06-2001 10:07 AM

I recently purchased four 289 complete engines out of various cars from a local salvage yard for $200.00 a piece. Pretty much the going rate around here. No K Codes or anything like that but these engines are pretty plentiful. Remember that Ford produced over 600,000 Mustangs alone in l966 not to mention the vast number of other Fords that also used the 289s.

I remember, vividly, busting my hump doing service work for a leasing company that bought tons of full size '65-'67 Fords. I must have changed oil and done tune ups on half of those 289 cars ever made. At least, unlike the Chev SB, the distributor was right in front of you. The big gripe was that Ford had the great idea of putting plugs instead of grease zerks in their front ends components. You had to R & R them everytime you lubed the front end. Sorry about the walk down memory lane.

khall 09-06-2001 01:55 PM

Thanks for the information guys, I appreciate it.
So was there a change in the bottom end, # of main bearings or bolts, to distinguish the new 302 from the old 289. or was it all head design?

Mark IV 09-06-2001 05:29 PM

Lubed for ..
Cal Metal,

That was Ford's famous "lubed for life" suspension. However long it lasted (and usually not long) was its' "Life."

I remember customers at our dealership *****in' about that one.

The other great one was the early 80's "lifetime service guarantee" (now copied by GM goodwrench) that covered some parts for life. I vividly remember a dealer group that was opposed to the program distributing a cartoon that had a customer approaching a service manager and asking to have his "lifetime service guarantee" honored, where upon the service manager pulled a gun and shot the customer....end of lifetime, guarantee null and void!


Cal Metal 09-06-2001 09:31 PM


Thanks for the nostalgia. Some weird engineering ideas back then. Those old Ford slugs were pretty reliable, though. Not much fun--but reliable, nonetheless. If memory serves, they took a AC PF-2 Oil Filter. Used to stock the heck out of those.


Not much change between the two. In the standard 302, they even notched down the rod bolts from 5/16 from the standard 3/8. On the performance cars they kept the 3/8. Valves were still the tiny 1.45/1.78. No wonder the SB Chev was doing a bit of butt kicking on the Fords.

Maybe someone answered this question already but the 289 ceased production after model year l968. The 302 began production that same year. One year of overlap between the two.

WAXER X #99 09-08-2001 12:13 PM

According to the parts interchange book by Reid, the 302 blocks appeared for the 1st time late summer in 1967 model year as a "289" engine (casting C8AE to C8OE) but they sported the 302's 0.019" longer stroke. In 1968, the 302s evolved

Waxer X!

Brad Pfeifer 09-10-2001 05:13 PM


Most components are somewhat interchangeable between the 289-302- 351W engines. Because the engines have the same bore centerpoint, heads can be exchanged.

The 302 is virtually undistinguishable from the 289 in its complete form. Many 302 blocks were made in Mexico, called 'Mexican 302's' or '302 M's'. They have a significantly higher nickel content and are considered stronger than a regular 302. With a stroker kit, the 302 is capable of 347 cubes, in a very 289 looking package. Coupled with the usual Hipo 289 goodies, the 347 can make some real nice power. Using aftermarket heads and manifolds (away from the stock look though), they can make incredible power.


Len Hurlburt 09-12-2001 09:54 AM

Alternative 289
I just read and interesting article in the October issue of Hot Rod. Using a 351 FMS block and a 289 crank, Windsor JR heads, and a 2-barrel carb, they were able to squeeze out 352HP. might be worth a look.

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