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pbrown 09-07-2001 06:00 PM

freeze plug install
Does anyone have any tips on installing freeze plugs in a 351W block?


poorboy 09-08-2001 12:23 PM

I use a impack socket that will slip inside the freeze plug and an extension that it won't hurt to beat on. I put a little Permmatex form-a -gasket on the edge of the freeze plug then drive it in until the edge is flush with the hole. The impack socket seams to fit a little closer in the plug.

pbrown 09-08-2001 02:58 PM

Good tip. I was told by my local parts store to not use any sealant. Any thought on that?


MDR 09-09-2001 07:42 AM

Pat, my plugs seem to have sealer on them (just picked it up from the machine shop).


poorboy 09-09-2001 08:18 AM

I have heard that to, but I was told by a mechanic with a lot more years in the busness than me it was best to use it ( I have 40 years in auto repair ). It is a matter of choise. I feel the sealant helps some don't.

Steve R 09-09-2001 05:38 PM

I have done the same as poorboy without any sealer with no problems.

Alex Evonosky 09-10-2001 08:24 PM

As most, I use a little sealer when installing freeze plugs. I also use brass plugs which are a little more expensive but last much longer. I use the sealer as a lubricant, which with most things,,, makes it go in easier with much less pounding!!!
My .02 worth..

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