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Dominik 09-11-2001 05:29 AM

Superformance dealer in South Africa
SPF dealer: need your help!

How may I buy a Superformance kit once I moved to Cape Town. I heard that Superformance is somewhat reluctant to sell body / chassis kits only.

One of you already gave me the contact adress, but I lost it ...

I do not need the whole kit, my car will look like this:


excelguru 09-11-2001 06:27 AM

No roll bar and no windshield... It might be a bit dangerous, but I must admit that it looks absolutely WICKED! I like it. Very nice. It makes the car looks like it's speeding just standing still. What's the story behind that photo?


Dominik 09-11-2001 07:52 AM

hi keith,
lot of the car's performance has been told in the tread "doubter of the 485 hp cobra" as part of finding the coefficient of drag.

the bulletpoints although are:
1950 lbs, 496 cui,4-speed, 3.31:1, 552 hp (DIN), 440 lbs at 1500 (!), 510 at 4100 - that's flexible torque!

1/4 mile was never tested, but we sped along the german autobahn and computed 9.85 s for the quarter with a top of 135 mph.

computed means not from standstill, but after finding the torque curve from coast down and ...

yes, it needs a roll-bar!

Chassis is a RAM (designed by Adrian Reynard) from england.
There is a chassis picture from another builder at:

I am sorry that i had to sell it, but can't wait to build the next - that's why i was asking for a SPF dealer in South Africa.

Best regards,


Super-Snake 09-11-2001 08:17 AM

Superformance is not sold in kit form. It is only sold as a complete replicar minus engine and transmission.

That way no one will ever question what was used or who built it (ie donor, junkyard, refurbished parts put together in a back alley garage, etc).

The only questions will be serial number, color, and engine install. All 3 are very easily determined.

This is a company philosophy...

This clearly explains the incredible resale value.

dan o

Dominik 09-13-2001 12:06 AM


i understand SPF's philosophy. too many kits have been built by backyard mechanics ruining the name of the manufacturer.

but the SPF so far seemed to be the most logical step once i live there.
i will check on customs and tay when i am there to import another kit.
i already know that they demand 100% custom for expensive cars, like ferrari.


Dave Samson 09-13-2001 01:49 AM

We use all sorts of tricks to import cars into Australia in order to minimize import taxes. Ask the SA Customs for a list of catagories and relevant tax rates, then stretch your imagination and save money. You can also try to get some imaginitive billing from your supplier, it's no big deal. You may also find different taxes applicable to importation from different countries, we have a couple of good chassis and body builders here too.

Dominik 09-13-2001 02:13 AM


thanks. i'll check on that. thought about similar ideas before.


Grant Garrison 09-16-2001 12:07 AM


I love the TerminatorCobra! Very evil looking. I bet it sure frightened a few Polo's into the slow lane... for that matter, a few Porsches!

Dominik 09-16-2001 01:03 AM

or stealth
terminator cobra - i like that!
model T 666?

few people liked that car, but those who did looked for hours at the details.
once it even proved to be very stealthy with the flat black paint - we tried to measure speed with a radar gun, but couldn't!



Grant Garrison 09-16-2001 09:33 AM


It's unconventional, but I like it. I'm a designer for Ford, and it's nice seeing something a little different. Any possibility you could post an extra pic or two?

Dominik 09-17-2001 12:25 AM


my pleasure, but i have to scan them first.
i will post only one or two more that i do not overload the server.

I could also mail some to you. which views are you interested in?


ohekk 09-17-2001 07:37 AM


I love the look!

Please provide wheel/tire size on your "Terminator Cobra"


Dominik 09-17-2001 09:24 AM

552 hp DIN = 650 hp SAE?

wheels were 7.5 x 15 and 9.5 x 15 (TRIGO for CC)
i changed rear tires twice a year, every two years in the front.
never had the car on a race track

on the pic those were 215/60/15 BFG front, and (I am not sure) 6.00x15 Dunlop racing rear.

before that i used 245/60/15 HOOSIER Auto Crosser, later 275/60/15 BFG for better availability in Germany (235/60/15 front).


Grant Garrison 09-17-2001 06:07 PM

I'd especially like to see a rear 3/4 view and a higher front view showing that "stealthy" hood scoop. Or any unique details that are of interest. Every time I look at the pic you posted, I like it a little more. I would kill to try doing an update on the Cobra at Ford... something to make the Viper look big and fat!


Dominik 09-18-2001 02:57 AM

here is one. a little out of focus, sorry.

rear view pic are still at home. more soon.


Dominik 09-18-2001 02:58 AM

"interior" pic:

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