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Default Forecast? Hurricane Warning

I thought I'd share a couple of extracts from a conversation I had today with Mike McLaughlin, President and owner of Scranton Manufacturing/New Way Trucks, the parent of the new Hurricane Motorsports. Mike took me through a detailed history lesson on their very successful and diverse business. While they have never built Cobras, Mike is a Cobra replica owner and shares our passion for these cars. He also respects the tremendous effort that goes into building one of these cars in a residential garage. He believes he can inject that excitement and passion into the new Hurricane and based on the success in their other businesses I think he is right.

Work is well underway building the first two new Hurricanes, including the #1 company flagship car and another car which is bound for a CC notable who can chime in here if he so chooses. They have made a number of significant refinements to the body molds and frame jigs and are already incorporating CNC in the planned manufacturing process. Several owners have also shared a few critical design issues from our first-hand build experiences that they are addressing as well. To say progress is being made is an understatement.

We also discussed price points and where Hurricane sees itself fitting into the market initially. I won't steal any of their thunder but if I were in the market for a replica, I would not make a move until this product hits the streets in early 2010. It will be a very attractive product and price. And if you are in the market for a turn-key minus, that is planned as well.

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