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Exclamation You could say we are f*#cked

Well one could say we are well and truelly f#*cked now...

Read this article.

The writer has also been on the news this morning along with the authorities whom indicated that the devices would also detect dB levels for cars that have a level 2dB or above the manufacturers specifications.

They are going to be deployed to all regional towns and also used in metro. Melbourne..

My new XR8 ute that I have not touched would be 2dB above now that it is all burnt in. Not to mention in the next 10,000k when the cats are stuffed.

Is this getting out of hand or what..

Be aware this will not only be trucks as they indicated that cars are also major contributors to noise....

In car stereo noise will also be targeted they said.

So throw the clutch when you see one and also lift your foot if you see a camera car - and try to drive without hitting anything or anyone whilst we are looking out for all this sh!t..
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