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Default Boxhead's bush trip August 2010

Last Sunday the 8th, I headed out bush for a week of stocktake at a couple of clinics down on the lands.

I had done some research before heading down and was given a definate location of one Valiant Charger and a possable heads up on a second Charger.
I also had a little spare time and plans of driving down some roads I have not been on yet.
On the way down I spotted a XA/B Town & Contry wagon, I dont know how rare or unusual these are?

And what probably bought about its demise.

I then also found an XY Fairmont that I grabbed the front and rear screen trims from for a mate out here who is restoring his GT.

After chasing down the fella who told me about the first Charger I finally found him on Tuesday morning, and we went out to look at the Charger.
If you did not know it was there, you would never see it, this is the view from behind the homeland (private property, where family groups live - which is 200metres from the road)

Then just nearby is this little Hilman Hunter.


Cruising in 5th

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