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This was home from Wednesday night till Saturday.

And here is a Wiki info.,_South_Australia

This is where I stayed Sunday through Tuesday night.,_South_Australia

I planned a long drive home on Saturday, with directions on how to locate the second Charger and directions to a little used road that was cut in for the mail run.

So with mud map directions (all verbal - turn left at bonnet, turn right at big tree etc) I headed off looking for another Charger.
After what was starting to feel like too long a drive, I came upon the sign I was waiting for.
Here is what I found.

Here is some bush mechanics.
That is a 1980's engine in a mid to late 60's Falcon, So us Dark siders are a long way short of being the first to fit a late model engine.

And here is an old XB Ute.

An XP sedan.

An old FC ute, I will get some of teh bright work off this one for mine.

Here are some old trucks out at Fregon tip.
The one on the bottom is an AT4 like I have at home, but not much left.

An old EJ sedan.

A HK/T or G rear tub from a ute, in pretty good shape too, roof is damaged though.

And a Valiant VG sedan.

And for Hersh. Here are some I have dragged home to play with.
Here is an FC Ute.
Plan is to customise with a roof chop and fins from an EK wagon.

And here is a Charger I have retrieved from out bush, I have made a start on this one.
I bought another Charger that was being converted into a speedway racer as the floor in the one I found was rusted out from sitting on the desert sand.

This is when I got it home.

And this is it now.
Rust cut from inner rear quarter.

Outer quarter replaced.

I used the speedway car as the base, but the firewall and roof where shagged, these sections where good on the red one.
So they became donors.


Cruising in 5th

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