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G'day Guys,
In the picture you can see the commercial aircon duct which went through the entry door outside, at the end of that is a large single phase fan in a housing which vented through some filter material (DUE TO EPA REGULATIONS), we left the window closest to the duct open which then let enough air in and was'nt being drawn over the body. We were spraying when I took the photo ! There is a small gas powered heater on the opposite corner inside the tent ( I reckon it was about 50 deg in there when painting ) and we kept the floor and surrounding area wet, pressure washed the whole thing inside prior. Must say I was sceptical at first but it worked a treat. The Dupont rep had a look at it afterwards and stated there was less rubbish in the paint than jobs done in a $100,000 booth. (PREP). We replaced the centre pole with an eyelet and hung it from the roof, so no obstruction. Shut all roller doors and as many gaps as possible.
Only one thing occurred to me afterwards was:
1. open flame. (Heater)
2. paint fumes (Flammable)
3. For some reason my wife had just increased my life insurance. (Hmmmm)

Back to the car !!!!!
I had to fabricate a lot of the bits due to the fact that there is no factory support. Although suspension is Jag and steering Gemini.
The wheels are from Vintage wheels in the States, had to machine the backspacing on the fronts though due to the fact that the Tri wing spinner would'nt go on more than a couple of threads.
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