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Default D'D first real test drive Sunday evening !

Had my first drive on the road sunday evening and I have to say that was one of the most exciting moment of my life,I had joy rides in cars before but that was a very different driving experience,very exciting.
My car is set up for cruising with the period correct tires and I could see the difference between the handling of my Mini and the Cobra. This car requires full attention. I took off and accelerated gradually and the sound of the sidepipes was just out of this world. I was testing the suspension by doing a gentle slalom and could feel the car swaying a little,i was not expecting the car to sway as much as it did,this is due to the high sidewall of the tires and I understood right away that the motion was transmitted to the tires and that they were the ones producing that movement but I was ok with it,it wasn't scary because it's not set up for the track. I went up the road and turned around and when I came back people were passing me (because it was a two lane) slowly and had a smile on their face looking down at my car. I did only a short 7 miles just in case. All my temperatures and pressures seemed ok,water temp was 100 celcius stable,funny that my autometer guage is not in Farenheit,100 degrees,I found that a little high but it was stable,not sure if it's ok yet,have to do more driving. One of my brake Wilwood reservoir was seeping at the rubber o'ring but I already knew that I had to change the clamp,didn't seal right,besides that I noticed maybe a little clutch slippage maybe at time,have to double check that on the next drive. I reused the clutch and pressure plate that came from a '90 mustang,they had been replaced a while ago so I though they look good,I have to investigate a little more on that. Also having the car for 4 years on the jack stands doesn't help. My new rear main seal was seeping also before i took the car for a spin so I don't know if the oil could have seep on the clutch,I have to check it out. Waiting for some time off to make my second road test,any comments on my issues will be appreciated,thanks for reading !

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