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Michel 100c is a little warm for a carbed motor did you use the t stat from the FI motor? If so change to a 190f fail safe t stat available at NAPA. I would suspect the sway you feel might also come from not having sway bars. You will get some squirm from the high sidewall tires but the car doesn't weigh that much. Could the feeling you are getting be tramlining in the truck groves? What springs are in it? I would think 500 lbs all corners would be ok but you may have to change to something stiffer. I have sway bars and 17" tires and no sway or lean at all. As for the clutch I wonder if the way you have adjusted the slave cylinder is not releasing the clutch fully you may have to change the master to a larger cylinder dia. in order to get more adjustment also on the pedal there is a stop that can be adjusted. Now the fun has started and sorting out the car can be a rewarding journey. As for the rear seal dripping it should not cause a issue unless it gets real bad.Give me a call if I can help!
Cheers Greg
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