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My car is going pretty straight actually even on bumpy roads. I feel that I could use a bump steer kit because on bumpy roads,the steering wheel is responding a bit to the cracks and bumps but the car is not zigzagging like my Mini Cooper that is fitted with bigger tires. My Cobra is better than my Mini on uneven roads. I don't have to fight it. I can drive with one hand on the steering and the other relax but I'm always ready. I had the car set up at the shop and two experienced mechanics worked on it for 4 hours to get it right as per the numbers that Don gave me. My tires are Kelly Chargers 235's in the front and 295's in the rear mounted on 15" Team 111 wheels. I love my rimsand tire combo they are kick ass. My car has a period correct look with those fat tires. I would not change a thing. Remember that if you put low profile tires,the ride will be bumpy and the car will zigzag a lot on uneven roads,I learned that the hard way when I put after market low profile tires with 17" rim on my mini. I would not do it again,i would only get low profile if they are factory. I hope this help,if you have any questions,feel free to pm me,cheers !
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Michel,me too, the way how does your car handle...did you set the frontend up yourself or have it lined up by a pro...what wheels and tires did you put on...the reason I ask is there was a guy in Moncton that had one that had trouble getting to it to go,he addmitted he only tried to line it up himself and was taking it to a pro but he sold it to a guy in Nova Scotia before that I was just wondering
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