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I am using the 40mm choke now. The main jet is variable between 140 and 165. It depends on the altitude, the humidity of the air and the ambient temperature.
O good setting in summer is not good for fall, spring or winter, so you have to find a compromise
I find that a 150 main is still too rich for my engine ( a KC 482) according to the A/F meter, but then the plugs look almost white. So I am not sure of that and believe that with 155-160 you are on the save side if only slightly rich.
The 120 air jet is probably a must, and you can see that here are many using it now.
The basic settings many years ago which you read in the books and Inglese and in VW engine forums suggestion are for small blocks and VW engines and can not apply for huge and probably unefficient BB's. My experiences have been confirmed by many other Weber enthusiasts which have ended up with similar settings.
Nothing sounds better than a Cobra in a Tunnel !
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