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Originally Posted by redmt View Post
OK. I looked at that as the first option. Problem is that it is 3 colors. The black of the outline is no sweat but the red, and blue would become the background color of the shirt. Doing a 3 color logo would up the price by $130 just for the color separations and screens. Even dividing it out by 2 dozen shirts it ups the base cost by over $5.00 It would also up the basic shirt cost by $1.50 each for printing. I don't think its worth it.

First thought is to drop the front logo altogether which would decrease the base cost of the shirt by a buck. I didn't really like the snake.

Second thought is to put some simple lettering such as "Club Cobra" and maybe the WWW below it.

The black outlined 427 Cobra emblem would be great. Either that or the Clubcobra logo. I think the Clubcobra logo would be a bit more appropriate. I think we need something on the front though. I run a logo on the front of all my screen printed company shirts.
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