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Originally Posted by redmt View Post
We are having problems with copyright. The Shelby guys have this stuff covered 6 ways to Sunday. I can purchase the rights to use it, but the $$ just don't justify it. We would need to produce several hundred to justify it. So the Cobra emblem is out.

I have been thinking of various Club Cobra themes. Using the "not just another snake in the grass" is too long to make the words readable. Splitting it into 2 lines doesn't look right.

I thought about a small line drawing of the car with maybe "Cobra" or even "GOT SNAKE?" below it. Maybe just the lettering without any graphics.

We work with a couple different graphics companies. I have emails out to them to see what they might have in stock designs we could use.

I did find a really nice Cobra for an embroidered hat design. I'm working up something for that even if it's only a one of for myself. I'm sending in the file for that to see what it would take to convert it to a line drawing.
Maybe something like this line drawing, without the words of course, would work.
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