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Originally Posted by jbcobra67 View Post
Sorry for the delay. When fully compressed it does still have a little force but I don't think its enough to cause a problem. The brackets I made are long and have 4 screws each on the hood, I thought this should spread the force out and prevent cracking, so far so good.

I know that there are gas springs made, that when fully compressed, exert zero pressure. I became aware of these zero pressure gas springs years ago from a client of mine that produced gas springs. Company was Suspa, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

When I have some timeI will track down these Zero pressure gas springs. But if anyone comes across these please post your findings.

I've read a couple of posts about gelcoat cracks appearing in the area where the hinge mounting points are glassed to the body. So adding a 15 or 30 PSI constant load to these points concerns me.


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