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My gremloins are fine, but the darn Gremlins are driving me nuts! Last week it was the magnetic pickup, Saturday it was the turn signal relay, today it won't turn over. Ran so well yesterday and purred along for a great one hour cruise. (I don't do 3 hr. cruises because I wind up on an island somewhere with a bunch wackos!)
This afternoon the wife and I jumped in and were ready to head out to a car show -- turned the key and nothing. Sounds like a dead short. Battery is charged, all lights, horns, signals work strong. Turn the key and just nothing. I did replace my ignition switch when I was chasing the mag. pickup and I'd rather not pull the dash again, but I'm getting pissed at the gremlins and about to solder the crap out of everything. If you've got some tricks for chasing this, please... thanks again
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