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Originally Posted by Murky781 View Post
(I don't do 3 hr. cruises because I wind up on an island somewhere with a bunch wackos!)
This afternoon the wife and I jumped in and were ready to head out to a car show -- turned the key and nothing. ... Battery is charged, all lights, horns, signals work strong. Turn the key and just nothing.
Well just sit right back and you'll hear a tale.... If you're turning the key on a fully charged battery and hear absolutely nothing then it's either the ignition switch, connections, or the starter solenoid that should be mounted on your firewall over the passenger side footbox (under the hood, not over the passenger's feet). Put it in neutral, with the key off, and put a jumper wire from the positive battery cable connection on the solenoid to the front left connection (on the front of the solenoid, farthest to the passenger side). It should crank. If it does, immediately go to the ignition switch and try and crank it. If it doesn't crank, then it's either the switch or the connections between the switch and the solenoid. If the jumper wire does not make it crank, whack the solenoid with the handle end of a screwdriver and try again. If it still does not crank, and does not even click or buzz, then replace the solenoid.

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