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Default Are we in danger

Hi all,

I just spent an hour listening to a member of the Greens talking about climate change and global warming.

It is interesting to listen to a person whom supposedly understands just what is happening!!

To say that the speaker was totally out of their depth is an understatement. It appeared from the outset that this Green Party member was running out a party line.

Ok from here on we should stop eating meat as the meat industry is a huge polluter with cattle etc. polluting our environment with methane gas. Ouote they fart to much..

Importantly car enthusiasts are under attack again with these idiots trying to convince listeners that we are major polluters - no mention of the volcano that spewed out more crap in a week than the entire auto industry since 1900.

It was interesting to listen to their take on pre 2000 cars - that is anything over 10 years old should be off the road. The speaker actually question why we need cars at all.

I was dumbfounded as I listened, I looked for hidden cameras as I thought this was a hidden camera segment it was so laughable. Importantly, the speaker was getting plenty of support from the group around me.

Vegans, vegetarians and hippie types that look as if they have not worked since the 1970's.

Sad but they received press coverage that indicated that they are a silent majority and are gaining momentum.

I don't want to get Political on the Forum by this Greens group are getting one hell of a lot of support from a red in the Lodge.

If we let these idiots gain anymore control I fear we will be walking and perhaps back on all fours.

Mmmm just my little rave after listening to this dribble.

Yes I do sell meat products and I do support and industry that these idiots want stopped.

Just my $0.02 worth..
Bernie Knight
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