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Mmm never thought that the Greens are creating a massive work economy for all of their scientist mates. Just look around and see all the new science technology dollars being thrown at staff, buildings and reports.

Hell,.... I only attended as it was promoted as a business seminar on the local economy. Hijacked.... Or maybe very smart marketing by the Greens to get business owners and others to attend.

Telling me they don't want fossil fuel coal etc burnt for power and in the next breath they don't want hydro electricity or to build dams.... Whoa, so who cares if the town of Morwell, Victoria is wiped out when the power station is closed...

Guess at the end of the day we just need to watch them. For the first time ever I am going to throw some dollars at candidates at the next election and maybe even hand out how to vote cards...

The one bonus is we all went off and had a four hour lunch after..long live the Liberal economy..

Seriously it is worry to see just how extreme these guys are. And they are getting airtime.
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