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I like it when they all jump up and down, say that were using too much fossil fuels when there are alternatives etc.... then go and jump in their 6.0L Statesman.

All politicians should be driving Pruis's (or Pri-ii) not V8 if they really care about the environment. Also, they are flying all over the countryside spruking this message, using more fuel. They should be using a hot air balloon, as all they need is to tilt their head back and start talking as that would surely be enough hot air to take them wherever they want to go. Also how many of them does it take to do a talk, I am sure that there would be at least 5 people from the office of the person that was talking going along to 'hold hands' and tell the person what a wonderful job they did in their talk...........bovine excrement to the max!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I care about the environment, I now have 3 diesel cars totaling 10.2L and 5 petrol cars totaling 22.5L, so I am thinking of the environment, last year it was 1 diesel car @ 3.0L and 5 petrol cars @ 31L. The petrol cars are the weekend cars that get used like the most of our cobra's and the diesels are the daily cars.

I once saw a tag 'my Mustang just used the petrol your Prius saved', and I like it.

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