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Default smiths gauges on early cars

Actually there are 3 different Smiths speedometers for the Mk1 and Mk2 cars. The British Mk2 models used the last of these gauges. The Mk3 427 cars had the reverse speedo I believe on all the cars but I may be wrong. The Mk3 289 Sport used a Mk2 speedo or seldomly a very rare speedo that was diferent from all the others. Most US early Mk1 and Mk2 cars did not use the Smiths tach which was mechanical. The Smiths small gauges are the same whether for a Mk2 or a Mk3. The amp gauge is not a Smiths but a Lucas unit since Smiths did not make amp gauges. The amp gauges between a Mk2 and a Mk3 are different due to the current. Having said all of this the reproduction gauges are not exact to the original. All Smiths instruments have a number silkscreened on the face that identifies the gauge which the reproductions from Nissonger do not. This is how to determine which speedo goes in which car since all read 160 mph. The difference has to do with calibration. If you are restoring an original Mk1 or Mk2 and need the instrument number, drop me an email. Also the cases are not identical to the original ones of the 60's. It all comes down to how exact you want to be. Anyway good luck with your project. Regards
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