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Looking good Liam,

My only concern is the trailing arm design. It would put quite a lot of twist into the bushing and the arm as the suspension goes through it's travel. It might make the bushing fail prematurely or fatigue the weld. I would make the arms with a spherical bearing or a heim joint on one end to let the end rotate freely whilst maintaining alignment. You would still have some rubber isolation from the chassis with a bush on one end so should be OK for rego. I would also make them from one straight section of tube rather than putting a kink in them. There's plenty of clearance there.

The other thing, with the location of those chassis mounts you are going to get some change in rear toe as the suspension moves up and down. The pivot really needs to be on the center line of the lower inboard control arm mount so you can draw a triangle through the 3 points. The arc the trailing arms currently move through will push the wheel forwards and back through it's travel butting some loads on the lower pivots.

Not a criticism, just an observation.

Mike Murphy
Melbourne Australia

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