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Originally Posted by stephen low View Post

Yes your assumption about what I was getting at is right and you've used the right nuts by your description.

Just looked like nylocs in your picture and I'd have hated to not have mentioned anything had they actually been nylocs in regards to the risk of failure down the track when you do get the beast up and rolling.

Frame looks good and makes me want to go source a replacement diff cover to have it sprayed up in one of the body colours I'll be using. Might be a bit odd though against an all black chassis and not visible anyway.

I'll settle for a running car at this time.

Yes, i went to my bolt shop and told them i needed lock nuts that could handle high heat. That is what they ordered in for me. I also replaced the bolts with new ones to be on the safe side. The other bolts on the rear end have been tied with safety wire and locktite'd as well.

I have gone a bit trigger happy with the spray gun as you can see. I know it wont be seen but i couldnt resist. Will probably end up having to strip it all down and do it in black after a couple of years, but its fun for now.
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