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Originally Posted by Rebel1 View Post
I really don't like the watts linkage set to the top of the Jag upright. Being fitted to the top of the upright I feel it doesn't really prevent movement of the lower arm.

That watts link in the pic is on a DRB and if set up properly, it wont bind for the full travel of the suspension.

The owner used to hang in here on CC but I've not seen him for a while..

The other nice thing of that link is that because the load is taken between two arms, one in tension and one in compression then the components can be somewhat less bulky than a single arm.
Good call! The Watts link at the top of the hub carrier is for stopping torsion of the lower control arm (LCA) under load, not for fore-aft stabilization of the LCA. I, too, like the way this guy set up the Watts link on the LCA... and I am considering something like this for mine.


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