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Originally Posted by Ralphy View Post
Please tell me if I am wrong. The forward link you have arrests the wishbone from moving forward during acceleration. This induces a rotational twist in the wishbone (a lever), looking from the drivers side the wishbone would be stressed in a clockwise direction. If you added an upper link the force on it (the upper link) would be toward the rear of the chassis. Not having an upper link allows this twisting to go on. So, having your coilover to the rear adds even more torque (twist) on the wishbone, putting the weight on the back. Your coilover would serve a better purpose being toward the front of the halfshaft, counter reacting under acceleration. Also, when a chassis flexes the further back you put the coilover. The amount (distance) of travel is greater when flexing. So again the coilover serves better to be forward. Am I wrong?
Hi Ralphy,

The flex will occur at sudden acceleration or braking so it goes both ways. That being said we are talking about a 5mm wall pipe that is not very long and in my case it is sleaved with another 5mm pipe. There are 2 areas on the Jag rear that spark a lot discussion. One is the trailing arms and the other is as you have raised, the shocks.

I will be running shocks on both sides as they are in the jag. In other words there will be 4 shocks when finished.

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