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A few updates.

The endless "waiting for parts" game was in full effect the last couple weeks. But now I have made some progress

Here are a bunch of pictures. I still need to upload a few more to the host site. Plus I did some more work today.

I removed all the fuel lines that were installed on the car. They were AN-6 lines, but with this thin plastic hose on the inside which 1) wouldn't fit in my -6 fittings I bought, and 2) looked too flimsy for 45 psi. I want the peace of mind of the rubber insert AN lines when running that much pressure, especially with the fuel line. So I also added some more fittings as you will see.

(Upside down) Still need to rivet the holder rings in place.

The new Mallory fuel pump, quite a size difference. Why are the black ones always so much bigger??

I had to fabricate a new mounting plate for the fuel pump, which was pretty quick. Bent and welded some steel, holes, paint, and off we go.

Installed. You will notice there is an air bleed line that runs from the bottom, and ties into the return line. You will see where it ties up on the next photos.

The new return fuel lines, with the bleed air line tee-ing up above the diff.

I polished the coolant tubes.

And also cleaned up and polished the Kirkham surge tank.

Painted the god-awful red horns, now nice and black.

The chassis is ready for it's aluminum chunk

The EFI wire loom is hanging on the left hand side. I just ran it into the engine bay, and once the engine is in I will be able to connect everything and make it look nice.

I mount the EFI ECU box. That harness is also just hanging there till I have the engine in.

You can also see the Fatmat I put on the floor.

Engine is ready to go in! All accessories are installed (alternator will come out for the install), dipstick, oil temp bung, etc...

I hope to have some good pics by the end of the week....
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