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Originally Posted by Tom Kirkham View Post
Your build is looking good.

Two issues:

The thin plastic inner liner on the braided stainless steel fuel hose is Teflon. The fuel line we supply is rated over 500+ PSI. The rubber lined hoses break down with alcohol. The rubber hoses are also permeable to gasoline.

From the school of hard knocks, we have learned, the rubber hoses will slide off polished radiator tubes. You will need to sandblast the end of the tube that the hose covers up, to provide enough friction for the hose to stay on.
Good to know, thanks Tom. I could not find any fittings for those Teflon lines so that is why I went with the rubber. I still have the lines and could always reuse them, I just cut the fittings off at the end.

I thought about the polished tubes and was planning on "roughing" them up before use.

Thanks again Tom
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