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Hey Frenchy, make sure you bring a scarf for our Cruise Thursday. It looks like the high is going to be around 59 degrees. I know you have a plethora of scarves for every occasion. Just kidding. Sorry, couldn't resist after my recent trip to Paris.

hey, if you have a decent video camera can you bring it??? I am not impressed with the gopro camera. It gives stable videos, but due to the wide angle lens it makes 0-60 seem like it takes 15 seconds, or just appears like mild acceleration to 40mph. Plus, since it is enclosed in the thick plastic case, it does not record sound very well.

The build is looking good! Even though you had some troubles, Im glad you decided to go with the locators on the bellhousing instead of the offset dowel pins. I spent 14 hours getting my bellhousing dialed in. That was definitely the most pissed off i have ever been at a car part and i was still nervous that it wasnt quite right until after the first test drive. Have fun with that wiring!!! Wiring is definitely the most time consuming part of any custom build. I could not believe the amount of time that i spent on mine. The 1100 for the plug in Kirkham harness was starting to seem like it would have been money very well spent after I was on about day 3 or 4 of wiring my car.
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