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Exclamation Fuel use

With the rising fuel costs I guess consideration needs to be - what miles per gallon am I likely to get out of this beast.. the Shelby 427 aluminum engine crate motor.

The off the shelf crate motors using Shelby 427 aluminum blocks are certainly value for dollar item with dollar parity at the moment.

But the big question - without stating the obvious - is should I go a stroker for better fuel economy or just buy the 427 aluminum Shelby engine.

I currently run a 302 with 347 stroker in my GT40 and find with power to weight and average driving style at 100k (60mph) I can average a good 22mpg.

But after reading that the cast iron blocks are a 10mpg average unit, I was a little put off with stopping every hour for fuel/gas..

What experience have you guys had with the Shelby blocks - taking into account cams etc. What is a best scenario..

Would be keen to see some thoughts on MPG and overall economy if there is such a thing...


Bernie Knight
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