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G;day Routte 66;
My 2 cents worth.........

If the job on the control arms is done properly, you wont have a problem with strength. Be sure who ever does them uses a jig, one of mine was out 4mm and made getting everything pointing in the right direction impossible without shortening wheelbase on one side of the car !!.
As for the diff, I sold a 3;54 lsd centre about a year ago and replaced it with a detroit soft lock centre ( to suit Dana 44 from memory) that was second hand (done 30klms) from an American friend I contacted through these forums. He let me have it for $300 which I thought was excellent.Have a good look at your drive shaft splines for wear. New bearings and seals thoughout, and some very skilled help from some mates at Ford performance Racing saw it all go together nicely. Could not be happier with the result. I would also strongly advise to go with outboard rear brakes if you can, set a mechanical handbrake assembly and ditch the complete inboard rear calipers and rotors.

I dont ever want to have the diff out of the car again, its a Python Kit and its not much fun getting access to some areas, but I imagine that may be a common deal.

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