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Smile Jag Rear End-E Type

Hi Guys,

As an update to my Jag Rear end query, from the start Peter (DRB) told me if I could find an E-Type rear it would solve my width and narrowing issues. He said they were rare and expensive but worth a try. First couple of guys laughed but I made a few enquiries around various sources and Gary from JagAyre Melbourne found me a Series II E-Type 3:31 Posi complete rear in pretty good nick. Price was cool, only $200 more then one local guy had quoted for an XJ6 LSD rear +$200 frieight. It has just arrived from Vic and is as described, has the larger later style brakes which are in better condition then the brakes on the Series III XJ6 front end I have. Diff has a little backlash but virtually no oil leaks? Surprising from what I've seen of any Jag rear ends. While I was looking for a 3:54 this is a reasonable comprise but the main bonus is no narrowing required. That had been a headache just finding someone to do it in Qld (Cobra Club did come thru there though) and also burns quite a few dollars. The hub to hub width issue still has me puzzled I must admit. This rear is just under 54 & 1/2" hub to hub unloaded and I would guess at normal ride height would add just under an inch to be about 55 & 1/2", this is pretty close to the 56" I've been told I needed to cut the XJ6 down to. unfortunately the various Jag forums only talk track and not hub to hub specs but it matters little now I guess as I have it here sitting on the bench.

Hopefully the diff won't need a complete rebuild but we shall see. Very likely there would be a roll of the dice with any XJ6 I would have found. It a little older but aren't we all.


Route 66

Ps: Hopefully striping it down won't be as big a pain as the front end. I still have sore knuckles from the springs and ball joints.

I must admit I can't wait to get the car sitting on wheels, that we be a hug milestone!!!!
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