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Default Having Issues with My Headlights

I have been having some issues with my headlights over the past few months. I cannot find the root of the problems but the symptoms are that only the high lights work. When I pull the switch for the lows, they come on for about half a second and then immediately go off (both lights).

I have been talking with the BD people, and I just replaced the relay to no avail. I bought a new switch, but for some reason they redesigned it since they built my car (early around #60 or so) so the new switch does not work with the original harness.

I am thinking that it may be the fuse for the lows and I found the fuse box, but I am not sure how to get the fuse out to inspect/replace it.

One other thing to note, I converted the lights to HIDs soon after I bought it a few years back.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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