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Default Jag Rear-End

Originally Posted by jcraigau View Post
I don't have the hubs on yet, but tip to tip on the axles is exactly 56 inches.

The G-Force has the options of having the rear arms cut down by around 100mm. I've shined a torch down the tube and there is about a 5mm sleeve inside where the cut is.
Hi jcraigau,

The drive shafts are awesome and obviously aren't going to be a weak link - they are like drive shafts. I'd like to see my car even just at at that stage. Various Hotrod forum links I have seen show extra flanges welded to the inner yokes of the LCA's to stiffen and strengthen them. This does seem to be worth looking at esopecially with most Cobras and my DRB not having a radius arm. DRB offer a Watts link option welded to the top of the Hub that I have seen on other forums that at least goes some way towards stabilising the lCA/Hub under power and braking.

I am really keen to get the suspension hooked up so I can nail down the offsets/backspaces once and for all so I can sort my wheels out. and tick one more box!!!


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