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My second car, I was 18 and found a rough but original and complete LJ XU-1, $3,100- changed hands ....... had it for a few weeks and couldnt affort to run it whilst at school and a part time job. Proberly just needed to be set up right... anyway I swaped it for a RS Escort which I later sold for $4,400- ... So I thought that I was an awesome dealer. That XU-1 would now pay off my mortgage.

Car I regret not buying, I was working for a vehicle finance company and we had a client hand in a car as they could not afford it. The deal was we could buy any cars for the payout figure. I was 19 and didnt have enough cash but in 1989 this car that came in was a 1987 Brock Group A, 17,000 k's and owed $16,000-, someone got a bargin there.
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