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Default Ts50

Great thread Mike,
The T series cars were fantastic and totallly underrated for the time, they suffered from being an au model but in the t series a lot of people didnt know that, i can say that because i owned one, a series 1 TS50 220 kw, no 31 out of only 52 built, not the later stroker windsor, they hadnt been built yet.
Years ago i spoke to one of the engineers at koni who put the suspension package together with ford and he told me it was the best handling setup that they had ever produced on an australian performance car to that date, they were very proud of it, miles ahead of the commodore.
The independent rear end on the t series cars was world class but very expensive to produce, so ford changed it to a cheaper version when they built the BA.
Your pursuit 250 ute would have the live rear axle,hows the front end now youve done it up.
That TS50 had enough grunt for the time but its handling is what made it standout, much to the dismay of the hsv boys who either couldnt catch it or the look on their face when i passed them in a ford which was not supposed to happen.
That video you posted was interesting, i havnt seen it before, the part where the engine builder sticks his signature to the engine, that guy BANDULA in the video is the same guy that built my engine.
As the story in your thread goes, i sold it a few years ago, i owned it outright but owned a few cars and wasent driving it enough so let it go, i probably should have deregistered it, put it in a corner of the garage and threw a tarp over it.
Great to see you went out and bought the same car again because you missed it, not many people do that.
Thanks for the memories Mike.
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