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Default One off

HI Baz,

The whole gilmer drive and intake are a one off, there is no kit you can buy.

I may have gone the long way arround but really wanted a look that had some hints of an authentic layout. thenrestriction was to make sure it runs on the factory system, all factory sensors are used including the MAF. So it is still emissions complient but as Liam has mentioned the gilmer drive is a bit noisy.

A gilmer drive is not hard, Aussie mike has done something similar with a ribbed belt. the issue is the water pump rotation direction. I think Mike had machined up a New impeller as other options for a clockwise rotation pump do not fit with the intake manifold.

As a quick guide the parts needed, Stewart water pump, custom ATI harmonic balancer and Hub, chev gilmer drive set, air filter assembly, custom intake tube, custom air filter base, billet fuel rails a custom fabbed header tank.

The manifold has many alterations to make it work, you cannot just reverse them, its not hard but there are things you have to do. the pump have been milled to the correct spacing from the block and every part of the stock gilmer set has been machine to fit.

The end result is something unique and looks so much better in real life and sounds brilliant. The cost approximately $3500.00 in parts and way too many hours of work.

It was something that I wanted to see if it could be done but as with everything on this car, you would think i was going to keep it.

Not all driveways reach the street!
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