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Hey Ward, my Cobra has a Detroit locker in it and when you roll it forward or backwards it clunks. A locker takes a little getting use to but once you learn what to expect you will love it.

Back to the subject at hand, find out what kind of transmission it has T-5, 3550, etc. FFR makes a good car and if it was professionally built find out who did it. The 5.0 engines are bullet proof and shouldn't casue you much concern. Find out what kind of brakes (GM Metric, Lincoln Versilles, Mustang SN 95, etc.).

I am guessing the price would be around $28K, so for that price I think you might be alright. Are you in Kansas City? If so they have a Cobra Club that might be of help to you with questions. I know several of the Cobra owners in Kc so if I can help let me know.

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