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Default A miracle....Slowy's cobra update

Hey guys a long time moving forward but here's a small update from my rusting relic.

I have now been able to start getting to Marty's shed on Saturday mornings and first job was to eliminate the rust off the roll bars in advance of chroming.

That led to Marty making up the final third leg connections. With a final bit of spot welding and repolish needed to clean up the look the bars will then be off to the chromer shortly.

Wasn't able to access the shed over the past couple of weekends but arrived last Thursday to see the following work in the engine bay -

Knowing I want to eventually visit the race track Marty made up a coolant catch can along with the upper and lower coolant pipework.

Also needed to have the air intake system remade to get rid of the cone filter I went through engineering with and to allow for use of Marty's bling air box and piping system. Will use nice black silicon hose connectors to colour match.

Also behind the last pipe bend into the plenum you can just see the nice stainless wiper water box I wanted to replace the daggy plastic version.

And Marty's bling air box. I'll need to go and get myself the right K&N high flow filter but at least this will knock out the induction noise I had with the old cone job. That was as loud as the rest of the engine noise!

Marty's also made up the soft top bows and the outline looks really good. I'll have to get a picture of this later.

But this led to a good session sorting out seating which sadly sees those skinny tan MX5 seats of mine becoming redundant (anyone want a pair of seats??) and we'll have to use other seating, most likely Marty's seats to best suit the vaguries of the G-Force cockpit and get us sitting lower.

So some major forward progress considering how idle the car has been for the last two plus years.

Once the major mechanical links are done I'll need to revisit the wiring to cleanse that look too.

This certainly advances the likelyhood of getting the car back onto the streets in 2013.



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