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Whoa, for those interested in the whole story behind the video, read the following quote from a post earlier on Club Cobra by Jim Fletcher:


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Good job to all of the hawk eyes who spotted the obvious. Congratulations to legless for being the first suspicious one. Blykins the car was being chased by a helicopter and could have been shot from the top. Great fun. Two weeks ago my car was purchased by a movie producer in Los Angeles. My wife and I were invited to watch a music video being filmed in Palmdale. The producer was very gracious to let us stand around and watch the action of seven police cars and a helicopter chasing the cobra. I was talking to the stunt driver later and telling him it was fun to watch him do all of the stuff I never had the balls to do, like 180's and smoke the tires in the other direction. The video is for a new Maroon 5 video for the song Phone Booth. The video has Adam Levine driving the car. Thanks for having fun with me.

Jim Fletcher

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