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Time for an update.
Whilst away at Shelbyfeat, I got a call from the SC540 owner saying he has a buyer at Mt Gambier so he was wondering when I am back to put the car together so there is less pieces.
So after getting home, I did very little the next day, this may explain why.

Then Job 1 was to unpack everything, including a small motorbike hoist I bought from Pinnacle wholesales in Ballarat.
This will be used on the father inlaws bike and for my little race car.
Here it is being tested.

Job 2 was to give the Cobra a bath, on the return run home, it rained late on day one around the Clare Valley, and I don't think it had rained for a long time, as there was a lot of road grime, poor Mr Cobra.

After unloading and a wash.

Then last job for the day was the 540, my brother inlaw gave me a hand so it all went together easier than I imagined (considering I did not pull it apart in the first place)
In 2 hours we went from this.

To this.

Now just waiting on some wheels and boxes to put air con etc in.

Cruising in 5th

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